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Our College Election Rules
The College Election shall be conducted as per the following rules and regulations subject to the guidelines and instructions issued by Govt. of Orissa, Deptt. of Higher Education, Orissa, Bhubaneswar.
1. Election to various offices /posts of the Students Union and other associations and societies of Degree (+3) wing as well as Cultural Association and other associations and societies of H.S. (+2) wing shall be held in every academic session at such time, manner as decided by the Principal / Govt. of Orissa (H.E.Dept.)
2. Bonafide studnets whose names are in the college rolls on the date of the poll shall be eligible to vote. They must clear all fees due to the College for voting.
3. One vote for each office is the procedure of voting by secret ballot.
4. Nominations for each office duly proposed and seconded shall have to be submitted in the prescribed form in such manner and time limit as notified by the Principal.
5. A nomination shall be treated valid only if the nominee, the proposer, seconder are bonafide students of the college on the date of scrutiny with names in the roll. They must clear all dues to the college to contest election, propose a candidate or second a candidate. They must have been admitted or readmitted as the case may be.
6. A student can contest for one office only of the students union, society/association etc. If nominations for more than one office is submitted by a student & not withdrawn in time, then all such nominations of the student concern shall be declared invalid.
7. A candidate securing the highest number of valid votes for an office shall be declared elected. In case of a tie the result shall be declared by tossing a coin in the presence of the contesting candidates for the particular office.
8. The manner, time and place of tossing the coin will be notified by the Principal for the information of the candidates concerned at least 24 hours prior to such an event. Tossing of coin shall be done on schedule, no matter whether the candidates themselves are present on the spot or not.
9. Election petition if any shall be submitted within one hour after the counting is over. A panel of jury shall be constituted by the Principal to consider such petitions. The decision of the jury stands final and binding.
10. Violation of election rules mentioned herein or to be notified by the Principal during the period of election shall constitute an act of election offence, to be penalised in a manner as decided by the Principal.
11. Disfiguring the college building by electioneering constitutes an offence. This may lead to cancellation of nomination of the offender if proved before the election jury.
12. A contestant cannot propose or second another candidate
contesting for the same office.
13. One student cannot propose or second two candidate contesting for one post.
14. In all matters concerning election the decision of the Principal shall be final and binding.
15. Oath taking ceremony takes place after the election.
16. The students contesting for different posts cannot display hoarding and posters. College Authority shall affix hoarding at conspicuous places indicating the names of the candidates and posts for which they are contesting. The expenditures for this purpose shall be borne out of the college election fund.
17. A student who does not have at least 75% attendance in the class cannot contest for any post and 75% attendance of a candidate will be determined by computing his /her attendance in all subjects taken together.
18. If any contesting candidate indulges in violent activity to intimidate any student to vote for him/her, he/she shall be disqualified and his/her candidature shall stand cancelled.
19. If the college election is not held as per the schedule on the date already notified due to protest or trouble created by student, no further election shall be held in the college for the current / same academic session.
20. The staff council of the college is free to decide the college election or formation of students council in colleges.
21. A student to participate in the college election must not have been convicted by any court of law / punishment by +2 council / University
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